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Flag of Abkhazia

Ratio 1:2
Adoption 1992
Design Seven horizontal stripes alternating green and white; in the canton, a white open hand below a semicircle of seven five-pointed stars on a red field. [0]


The flag of the Republic of Abkhazia was created in 1991 by V. Gamgia. It was officially adopted on 23 July 1992. The design of the red canton is based on the banner of the medieval Kingdom of Abkhazia. [0]


The open right hand means "Hello to friends! Stop to Enemies!". The seven stars in the canton have since been reinterpreted to correspond to the seven historical regions of the country - Sadzen, Bzyp, Gumaa, Abzhywa, Samurzaqan, Dal-Tsabal and Pskhuy-Aibga.

Seven is a number sacred to the Abkhaz and the green and white stripes represent the tolerance that allows Christianity and Islam to cohabit. [0]