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Flag of Afghanistan

Ratio 2:3
Adoption 2004
Design A vertical tricolor of black, red, and green charged in the center with the national emblem [0]


Afghanistan has had 20 different flags since the first flag when the Hotaki dynasty which made Afghanistan independent was established in 1709.

The current flag was adopted by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in 2004. This flag is similar to the one flown in Afghanistan during the monarchy between 1930 and 1973. The difference is the addition of the shahadah at the top of the coat of arms (seen in yellow) in the center. This flag consists of three stripes of the colors black, red, and green. This has been present on most flags of Afghanistan in the last twenty years. The center emblem is the classical emblem of Afghanistan with a mosque with its mihrab facing Mecca. [0]


According to the website of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, DC: Black represents the occupation of foreigners, the Red represents the blood of freedom fighters, and the Green represents freedom and Islam. [1]

Antoher meaning could be: black appeared representing the previous (monochrome) field of Afghan flags, which in turn represented the sovereign; red was possibly introduced by emir, later king, Aman Allah as a sign of modernity and progress, copied from the Soviet flag as happened also with the 1928-1929 emblem; green stood for Islam. [2]