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Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ratio 1:2
Adoption 1998
Design A wide medium blue vertical band on the fly side with a yellow right triangle abutting the band and the top of the flag; the remainder of the flag is medium blue with seven full five-pointed white stars and two half stars top and bottom along the hypotenuse of the triangle. [0]


On 6 April 1992 Bosnia and Herzegovina gained its independence from Yugoslavia and a new flag. The flag picked was the arms of the Kings of Bosnia Kotromanić dynasty, who ruled from 1377 until 1463 over the area that is present day Bosnia-Herzegovina and Dalmatia, consisted of a blue shield with six gold fleur de lys displayed around a white bend; the fleur de lys perhaps symbolic of Lilium bosniacum, which is a native lily to the area. The flag chosen in 1992 has a white background with the Bosnian Fleur-de-lis in the center.

The Bosnian Serbs who lived in Bosnia-Herzegovina after the signing of the Dayton Agreement viewed the flag with the 6 lys as only representing the Bosniaks (formerly: Bosnian Muslims) of Bosnia-Herzegovina, even though the flag was taken from the medieval Bosnian state. The flag was eventually changed into the current flag. The new flag was introduced by the UN High Representative after the Parliament of Bosnia-Herzegovina could not decide on a solution that was acceptable to all parties. The new flag contains no historical or other references to the Bosnian state and was designed by Carlos Westendorp. [0]

The original design used a blue color based on the flag of the United Nations but was then changed for a darker blue similar to the one found on the flag of Europe.


The triangle approximates the shape of the country and its three points stand for the constituent peoples - Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs, the stars represent Europe and are meant to be continuous (thus the half stars at top and bottom), the colors (white, blue, and yellow) are often associated with neutrality and peace, and traditionally are linked with Bosnia. [1]