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Flag of British Indian Ocean Territory

British Indian Ocean Territory
Ratio 1:2
Adoption 1990
Design A Blue Ensign with white and blue wavy lines and a palm tree rising above the British crown on the fly. [0]


It is understood that the flag, which was granted by Queen Elizabeth II on the 25th anniversary of the BIOT in 1990 is that of the Commissioner and has only semi-official status.

Given that it is impossible for civilians to visit the British Indian Ocean Territory, it is not clear how widely this flag is used. However, a video was released by the Naval Support Facility on Diego Garcia. It shows a scene where the flag is being flown. The only settlements on the Islands are the Anglo-American naval and air facilities.

The flag does indeed fly at Diego Garcia, along with the American Flag. Both are lowered at the end of the duty day. [0]


The palm tree and crown are symbols of the Indian Ocean Territory. The wavy lines depict the waters of the Indian Ocean [0]