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Flag of La Rioja

La Rioja
Ratio 2:3
Adoption 1982
Design The flag consist of four horizontal bands of equal size, with the colors of red, white, green, and yellow. [0]


During the Week of La Rioja in Madrid (November 1977), organized by Colectivo Riojano, a flag was created, painted with a spray can with four colors: white positioned vertically and red, green, and yellow horizontally. Subsequently, in spring of 1978, the Colectivo Riojano also distributed some oval-shaped stickers with a four-colored design, which acquired its present form. In the same year, this flag began to appear in festivals in various towns, even though it lacked official sanction. It appeared, for example, in the revived street party of San Juan in Arnedo, where it appeared for the first time atop the Peña Lubumbas.

A major impetus for the flag’s adoption was its use during the celebration known as "I Día de La Rioja", celebrated in Nájera in October 1978. From that point on, various regional collectives adopted the flag for their use. In January 1979, some townspeople from Haro asked their mayor to fly the flag from the town hall, as other town halls already were flying it. The association "Amigos de La Rioja" sent a letter to the president of the provincial council asking that the flag fly from the Provincial Palace (Palacio de la Diputación).

The flag, already known by this time as the "cuatricolor", was flying from various corners of La Rioja and in many flag designs, the red colored part of the flag acquired a reddish color tone approaching that of the color of red wine.

In May 1979, the flag flew from Mount Laturce during the celebrations of the "Día de Clavijo".

Pressure from the public, as well as the support given by city councils across La Rioja, led to the flag being officially approved by the Riojan government. In August 1979, an inquiry on the flag was sent out to the city councils across the region, with the result that 115 approved of the flag, 51 abstained, and 8 were against it.

On August 14, 1979, a plenary meeting of the Provincial Council finally approved the flag, with 17 votes for the flag by the political parties UCD and PSOE, the abstention of the Coalición Democrática (7 members). On September 15, at the festival of Our Lady of Valvanera the "cuatricolor" flew for the first time from the balcony of the Regional Council.

Subsequently, with the creation of the autonomous community of La Rioja, the flag was designated as one of the symbols of Riojan identity. [0]


The official meaning of the colors is given as: red representing wine and vineyards, white for the river and the sky, green for fields, orchards, mountains and forests, and yellow for lands and monuments [0]