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Flag of Lesotho

Ratio 2:3
Adoption 2006
Design A horizontal triband of blue, white and green; charged with a black mokorotlo (a Basotho hat) centred on the white band. [0]


In 2006, a new flag was chosen from four proposed designs; all of these designs included a brown Basotho. This was subsequently changed to a black Basotho hat in order to represent Lesotho as a black nation. The design, introduced to honour the 40th anniversary of independence, is intended to reflect a peaceful orientation for the country. [0]


Blue represents the sky or rain. Lesotho is mountainous and the rain symbolises the vast volumes of water Lesotho has. Green represents prosperity. White represents peace. Lesotho has had the ideology of peace since the ages of King Moshoeshoe I. [0]