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Flag of Liberia

Ratio 10:19
Adoption 1847
Design Eleven horizontal stripes alternating red and white; in the canton, a white star on a blue field. [0]


The Liberian flag is the only flag in the world to be modeled after and resemble the American flag because Liberia was the only nation in the world that was founded, colonized, established and controlled by freed African-American and ex-Caribbean slaves as settlers from the United States and the Caribbean islands with the help and support from the American Colonization Society. The American Colonization Society was a private organization establishment which sent freed American and ex-Caribbean slaves as settlers from the United States and the Caribbean islands. When the freed American slaves arrived in Liberia on January 7,1822 they identify themselves as Americo-Liberian, in which to separate themselves from the native Liberians and other settlers. The Americo-Liberian was offspring and bloodline origins of black American from the United States. The Americo-Liberian wasn't the only ethnic group that came to Liberia; there were other ethnic groups who came with the Americo-Liberian, which were Native American, Afro-Caribbean, African-European and white American. [0]


The eleven stripes symbolize the signatories of the Liberian Declaration of Independence, red and white symbolizing courage and moral excellence. The white star represents the first independent western-styled republic in Africa, above the blue square representing the African continent. [0]