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Flag of Luxembourg

Ratio 3:5
Adoption 1972
Design A horizontal triband of red, white and light blue. [0]


Luxembourg had no flag until 1830, when patriots were urged to display the national colors. The flag was defined as a horizontal tricolor of red, white, and blue in 1848, but it was not officially adopted until 1972. The tricolor flag is almost identical to that of the Netherlands, except that it is longer and its blue stripe is a lighter shade.

The colours of the flag of Luxembourg were first adopted around 1830 during the Belgian Revolution. They were probably derived from the counts, dukes and later grand-dukes of Luxembourg's coat of arms which in turn was derived from the combination of the dukes of Limbourg's Lion and the supposed striped banner of the early counts of Luxembourg. [0]


The red, white, and blue coloring was derived from the coat of arms of the county of the Ardennes, renamed county (1339 duchy, 1815 grand-duchy) of Luxembourg after the creation of its identical named capital city in 963 A.D. by then count Siegfried. [0]