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Flag of Nauru

Ratio 1:2
Adoption 1962
Design A blue field with a thin yellow narrow horizontal stripe across in the center and a large white 12-pointed star on the bottom of the stripe and near the hoist side. [0]


Following the independence of Nauru, the flag of Nauru was raised for the first time. The flag, chosen in a local design competition, was adopted on independence day, 31 January 1968. The flag was created by a resident employed by the Australian flag manufacturer Evans. [0]


The flag displays the geographical location of the island nation.

The narrow gold stripe with a width of 1/24 of the length of the flag represents the Equator. The twelve-pointed white star signifies the location of the island in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean just south of the Equator. The separation of the blue flag cloth into two equal parts recalls the saga, that the first inhabitants were to have been brought to Earth from two boulders. The twelve points on the star represent the island's twelve original tribes. The white represents the phosphate, through which the island's residents acquired wealth from mining. [0]