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Flag of New Brunswick

New Brunswick
Ratio 5:8
Adoption 1965
Design A gold lion on the red field across the top one-third. The lower two-thirds of the flag depicts a Scottish Lymphad. [0]


The flag of New Brunswick, Canada, is a banner modelled after the province's coat of arms and was adopted by proclamation on February 24, 1965.

The flag ranked #18 in the North American Vexillological Association's survey of North American state and provincial flags. [0]


The gold lioin represents New Brunswick's ties to both the Brunswick region in Germany and (the arms of) the Monarch of Canada. The Scottish Lymphad, the traditional representation of a ship in heraldry, represents shipbuilding, one of the province's main industries at the time the coat of arms was adopted and throughout much of the province's history. [0]