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Flag of New Hampshire

New Hampshire
Ratio 2:3
Adoption 1931
Design The state seal centered on a blue background. [0]


The State of New Hampshire has held two seals since it declared its independence from Great Britain on January 5, 1776. While both seals have been retained, most people are only familiar with the Great Seal due to its corporate use.

The New Hampshire state flag's design was ranked as one of the ten worst flags (specifically 63rd out of 72) within the United States (including all U.S. states and U.S. territories), and Canadian provinces in a 2001 survey of members of the North American Vexillological Association. [0]


The 1931 State Seal law placed the frigate Raleigh as the centerpiece of the new seal. The Raleigh was built in Portsmouth in 1776, as one of the first 13 warships sponsored by the Continental Congress for a new American navy. [0]