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Flag of Palau

Ratio 5:8
Adoption 1981
Design A light blue field with a large yellow disk shifted slightly to the hoist side of center. [0]


The current flag was introduced in 1981 when Palau became a republic. Previously, the flag of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands was flown jointly with the United Nations and American flags.

Futaranosuke Nagoshi (名越二荒之助), a Japanese professor who studies international relations, made mention of a probable relation between flag of Palau and that of Japan. According to his idea, the motif of the moon is a kind of homage to the Rising-Sun flag and describes the symbol of amity between Palau and Japan. In a related matter, former Palauan President Kuniwo Nakamura once said with an ironical smile, "That's one way of putting it.". [0]


As with the flags of several other Pacific island groups, blue is the colour used to represent the ocean and the nation's place within it. While this puts Palau in common with the Federated States of Micronesia and other neighboring island groups, the disc on the flag (similar to that on Japan's flag) is off-centre like that of the flag of Bangladesh, but in this case represents the moon instead of the sun. [0]