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Flag of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea
Ratio 3:4
Adoption 1971
Design Divided diagonally from the upper hoist-side corner to the lower fly-side corner: the upper triangle is red with a soaring raggiana bird of paradise and the lower triangle is black with the Southern Cross of four white larger five-pointed stars and a smaller star. [0]


The flag of Papua New Guinea was adopted on 1 July 1971. The designer of the flag was 15-year-old schoolgirl Susan Karike, now Mrs Susan Huhume, who won a nationwide competition for a new flag design in 1971. [0]


Red and black have long been traditional colors of many Papua New Guinean tribes. Black-white-red was the color of the German Empire flag, which had colonized New Guinea prior to 1918. The bird-of-paradise is also found on the national coat-of-arms. The Southern Cross shows that it is a country in the Southern Hemisphere and can be seen in Papua New Guinea. [0]