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Flag of Qatar

Ratio 11:28
Adoption 1971
Design A white band on the left, separated from a maroon area on the left by nine white triangles which act as a serrated line. [0]


Qatar's historic flag was plain red, in correspondence with the red banner traditionally used by the Kharjite Muslims. In the 19th century, the country modified its entirely red flag with the addition of a white vertical stripe at the hoist to suit the British directive. After this addition, Sheikh Mohammed bin Thani officially adopted a patterned purple-red and white flag which bore a strong resemblance to its modern derivative. Several additions were made to the Qatari flag in 1932, with the nine-pointed serrated edge, diamonds and the word "Qatar" being integrated in its design. The maroon color was standardized in 1949. In the 1960s, Sheikh Ali Al Thani removed the wording and diamonds from the flag. The flag was officially adopted on July 9, 1971 and was virtually identical to the 1960s flag, with the exception of the height-to-width proportion. [0]


In 1932, the British Navy suggested an official flag should be designed. They proposed that the flag be white and red, but Qatar rejected the red coloring and continued using a mixture of purple and red instead. Due to the country's subtropical desert climate, the flags colors were prone to being tinted darker by the sun, which resulted in the eventual adoption of a maroon coloring in 1949. The white portion of the flag symbolizes the peace procured from signing anti-piracy treaties with the British. [0]