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Flag of Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha
Ratio 1:2
Adoption 2002
Design A blue ensign design, defaced with the coat of arms of Tristan da Cunha. [0]


The flag of Tristan da Cunha was adopted on October 20, 2002, in a proclamation made by the Governor of Saint Helena under a Royal Warrant granted by Queen Elizabeth II. Prior to this, as a dependency of Saint Helena, Tristan da Cunha used the flag of Saint Helena for official purposes.

The designer is the prominent vexillologist Graham Bartram. [0]


The arms consist of a shield featuring four albatrosses in a blue-and-white mirror image design. The two supporters are Tristan rock lobsters, which are found in the waters surrounding the island. The crest features a naval crown and a Tristan da Cunha longboat.

The motto is “Our faith is our strength”. [1]