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Flag of Washington

Ratio 5:8
Adoption 1923
Design The state seal sized at 1/3 the length of the flag centered on a field of dark green. [0]


In 1914, the national society of the DAR asked the state organization to send a state flag to Washington, D.C. to be hung in the DAR Memorial Continental Hall. Finding in Olympia that there was no state flag, a committee of the DAR chaired by S.J. Chadwick, wife of the then Justice of the Supreme Court Stephen J. Chadwick worked on a flag design. The flag they designed is described as having 'a green background for the Evergreen State, upon which was the seal of the State of Washington...' The banner was used in Memorial Continental Hall and then returned to Washington in April 1916 to hang behind the speaker's table at the annual state assembly of the DAR.

In 1923, the State Legislature and Senate adopted Senate Bill 154 into law without the Governor's signature to establish the official flag of the State of Washington.

It is the only U.S. state flag with a field of green as well as the only state flag with the image of an American president. [0]


The state seal displays an image of George Washington. [0]